The act of scaring oneself is one I am all too familiar, and, I admit, in love with. I am not talking about scaring myself to the bout of ignorance and hatred and oppressive phobias, but with the idea that everything we are taught to know about this life is completely untrue. As with the millions, if not billions, of individuals on this planet, I share a fascination with stories of true crime, horror, conspiracies and the beyond to a point that my mind becomes unhealthily cluttered with the most disturbing information. I read one thing then watch a video about another, plummeting into a black hole that results in sleepless, paranoid nights . This blog is a space for the clutter, a written compartment for old information so I may let in the new. I do not have any motives except the desire to write what I am so deeply passionate about and, perhaps, share this desire with others. The universe is a scary, surreal ocean of secrets and mysteries lacking explanation. Are you ready to swim?



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